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Radnor High 10th grader Eryka Joseph harmonizes with freshman Jordan Coleman over guitar riffs.

Senior Eliezer Marte shows of his unicycle skills.

Welcome to the Radnor A Better Chance house–also known as ABC. A national program that provides academically talented, minority students the opportunity to attend Radnor High without the financial burden.

It’s one  of the best schools in the country.

Melanyn Rivas recalls her challenge the first year there.

“I said these kids are running already and I  had to catch up. It’s hard”

Rivas is hundreds of miles from her Queens, New York home. She’s one of six students taking part in the program—five of them from out of state.

Austin Taylor’s from Atlanta.

“It’s nothing like I’ve seen. They’re loving caring and help push me to do what I need to do to go and to help achieve my dreams.

But the dreams of these teens may be have to be deferred.

ABC’s co-president says dwindling donations and $50,000 in repairs to the 110-year-old home’s roof, driveway and bathrooms could mean an end to the program.

“Our budget is $120,000 a year,” said Schorr. “We like to have a year in reserves and don’t have that. So if we cant provide the opportunities for the  kids’ their futures will be greatly affected if we have to close.”

And that could mean an end to Erika’s Ivy League dreams of becoming a lawyer.