Mary ann mcgukin book*Do you know how easy it is for infections to spread from one sick hospital patient to another, and possibly to you?

*What are the signs you caught an infection at the hospital?

*What is the one simple question to ask your doctor or nurse that will help them avoid putting you at risk for infection?

This book has the answers and other tips and check lists for you and your doctor or nurse… information that could reduce the chances you get a painful and costly infection from your hospital visit!

WHERE TO ORDER: The Patient Survival Guide is available at Amazon; in both  hard copy and e book. Or, to purchase a copy directly from the author, send a check for $18.00 to Jack Guinan Company, P.O. Box 425, Ardmore, PA  19003. Please provide your shipping address and expect 2-3 weeks to receive your copy.

Mary ann mcgukin profile picDr. Maryanne McGuckin is an international expert on infection prevention, having served on the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, the infection control and epidemiology team at the University of Pennsylvania Health System, task forces for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Dr. McGuckin is available for  speaking engagements. For more information visit the website.

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