carestat logoSo you sprained your ankle, or maybe you cut yourself while testing out that new set of Ginsu knives.  You need medical attention, but your doctor is not available and you don’t want to deal with the outrageous expense or hassles of going to the ER.  Now there’s a much better alternative for Main Liners and their families: CareSTAT Urgent Care Centers.

CareSTAT is your alternative to the ER for all non life-threatening illnesses and injuries.  Our warm, caring professional staff was hand-picked by its owners.  You deserve to be treated with kindness, respect by competent Board-certified physicians.

CareSTAT was designed by its owners to satisfy the needs of their own family – they’re pretty picky!

carestat logo owners photoCheck out CareSTAT’s website,  Select ZipPASS to speed things along (hint: call 30 minutes ahead and register over the phone to confirm!).

Our co-owner is a LMHS Class of ’87 Alum!

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Photo credit: Brian Miller/Chorus Photography.