A great idea I could have used as a kid!!!

Maggie May's

Who didn’t love hanging out in forts and play houses when they were little?
With just a table and some quilts or fabric, you can create an instant play space.

Dining Room TableStack of sheets

I highly recommend using a king sized quilt or heavy fabric that is large enough to cover the entire table. That way, all you have to do is make the door and windows.

I was set on using only what I had, which meant cutting and sewing the fabric to make it fit. This was a lot more work and since I am clumsy at sewing large pieces, it came out sloppy. But that is okay, especially since kids don’t judge your work, they just enjoy playing with it.

I didn’t take pictures along the way but it’s pretty simple once you’ve got your fabric in place.

Here is the house once it’s all done.

front of house with logo???????????????????????????????

Since I had to cut and sew, I used the…

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