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According to Seth Godin, there is no greater indicator of future behavior than the answer to the question: Will I see you tomorrow?  “Fly-by, drive-by, anonymous, see-you-sucker interactions are easy to start, easy to be disappointed by, hard to count on when it comes to civility or a career.”

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Once you make that initial contact, follow-up intensely, if you want to begin building a relationship.

Brief encounters have the potential to be forgettable and make you forgettable to the other person unless you follow-up with more substantial interactions.  Use these three steps to turn fly-by interactions into real connections:

  1. Pick up the phone – Real-time conversations where you can hear voice inflections and respond quickly to questions and thoughts provides more insight into personalities and compatibility.  A certain level of interest and compatibility is required for all meaningful connections.
  2. Follow-up with social media – I connect with people through email, twitter and LinkedIn. I make…

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