Puccimanieli Carrie KohsOn behalf of Carrie Koh’s of pucciManuli:

I wanted to give a quick shout out to all of you (and of course, Karen Toole-Ebbert!) I started my business (pucciManuli) a little over eight (8) years ago while I was living in NYC (I saw a huge opportunity to ditch the corporate marketing/advertising world and celebrate high-quality & artisan-made toys). Very soon after, I moved to Philadelphia and have been here ever since. And, as so many of you small business owners in this group know, I will not pretend it has always been easy (who knew running something as “simple” as this would be so much work?), but I love it, and hope that at least some of that love somehow manages to shine through…

So here’s the reason for the shout out: so many of you in this group have not only patronized my business, but extended me kindness in so many different ways. As a very small gesture of gratitude and appreciation, I wanted to extend you (exclusively to members of this LMCN group) a 15% Friends & Family discount beginning tomorrow and running through Sunday, November 10th (shameless plug: if you “like” pucciManuli on Facebook, I’ll increase your Friends & Family discount to 20%). You all are a big part of why I have found success here (as you clearly have great taste ), and I’m so appreciative. Thank you again for your kind words and support.

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