PACommutes :: Walking – Safety and Laws.

Safety and Laws

Before making walking a part of your commute, make sure you know how to be safe. Basic safety guidelines and pedestrian laws for Pennsylvania are below.

Crossing the Street Safely

Most accidents involving pedestrians occur while crossing the street. Below are some tips for crossing safely:

  • Just because the light is green doesn’t mean it’s safe: Before you step off the curb, always check to the left, right and left again to make sure it is safe to cross the street.
  • Never assume a driver sees you: Just because you see an oncoming motorist, that doesn’t always mean the driver sees you. Always make certain the driver sees you and stops.
  • Don’t assume you’re safe on a crosswalk: Drivers do not always see pedestrians or stop for them on a crosswalk. Always look left-right-left before crossing and continue to look and listen as you go. Stay within the lines of the crosswalk and never walk behind a car that is blocking the crosswalk.
  • Always obey walk/don’t walk signs when crossing a crosswalk: Even when the sign indicates it is safe to walk, always look both ways and look and listen as you cross. The driver may not see you, may turn without looking for pedestrians or may run a traffic light illegally.
  • Walk, don’t run: Running or darting into the street increases the danger that motorists will not see you or will not be able to stop in time. (READ MORE)