The Belmont Hills Library Lecture Series Presents:

mindfulBuild Confidence, Manage Stress and Decrease Worry: An Evening for Women
Develop a Resilient Inner Coach™ more Powerful than Your Inner Critic
Your hosts for the evening are Beth Weinstock PhD and Jane Shure PhD, LCSW
Many of us live with the frequent “self-talk” of a harsh Inner Critic that increases our stress, thwarts spontaneity, creates anxiety, dampens self-esteem and threatens to stifle professional development and advancement. For women particularly, this inner critic is one of the most powerful inhibitors of assertiveness and well-being. Even highly successful women often struggle to counteract its impact.

This workshop presents The Resilience Model for creating an Inner Coach™ that counteracts the Inner Critic. It explores the origin and tenacity of the Inner Critic, teaches specific guidelines for modifying “self-talk” from negativity to positivity, and dispels the myth that motivation is dependent on being stern with oneself. Participants will learn how their own powerful Inner Coach™ can build confidence, support assertiveness, fuel resilience and help us to maintain a sense of satisfaction.

Join us on Monday, December 8th, 2014 from 7pm to 8pm
to learn:

* How the inner critic developed

* Mindfulness strategies promoting positive self-talk

* User-friendly techniques that shift self-doubt to self-support

* Specific steps to strengthen the voice of your Inner Coach™

You will leave the evening with new tools for riding the wave of life’s ups and downs.
Every woman should attend this lecture. No sign up necessary – just come and learn.