and ADVENT Consulting, LLC are excited to bring the Philadelphia Mummers back to Manayunk for the biggest family-friendly Mardi Gras celebration in the city! Attendees will be treated to numerous performances from the most prominent string bands parading down Main Street. This winter spectacular event will allow families to enjoy all the pageantry of the Mummers in the quaint neighborhood setting of Manayunk.

The daylong celebration will not only provide excitement for Manayunk, but will contribute exposure and raise money for one of the greatest traditions in Philadelphia: The Mummers!

The parade route will start at Shurs Lane at 11AM and proceed down the length of Main Street. After the parade, we encourage all parade attendees to visit our participating restaurants, which will serve as String Band Clubhouses for the afternoon.

There are a plethora of activities and surprises to make this a wonderful Saturday celebration for friends and families that wish to delight their children with the true spirit of the Mummers. For more information, visit theMummers Mardi Gras Facebook page

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