spring home maintenance tips

Time to tidy up and conduct some home maintenance that will help you avoid big repair bills later on. Start with these 10 tasks to get your home in good shape.

  1. Inspect your roof and gutters. Spring is the time to start preparing your roof for the hot summer months ahead. Even if you don’t foresee any problems with your roof, it is best to have a roofing contractor perform a simple roof checkup every fall and spring. In the spring, a clogged gutter can lead to water overflowing which if left unchecked, can cause damage to your homes foundation.
  2. Take care of tree and shrub maintenance. Like all living organisms, trees and shrubs need proper care to live long, healthy lives. The proper maintenance methods such as pruning and fertilization can prevent against disease and insect invasion, helping to improve their health and beauty.
  3. Pressure wash your exterior walls, walkways, deck and other outdoor surfaces. Over time, dirt and grime accumulate on your home’s exterior walls, walkways and deck. Either rent a machine or hire a contractor, to pressure wash and give all those surfaces a good spray. You’ll be amazed at how different your home will look afterward
  4. Update window treatments. Spring is a great time to trade in your richly-textured drapes for lighter, breezier, more summery colors. If privacy isn’t a huge issue in a space, try adding light, breezy sheer curtains on a thin, minimalist rod. You’ll love how much the change automatically brightens your space. You might also consider substituting your ordinary blinds with Roman Shades or plantation shutters. They’re a classier way to control light and privacy, and to update your style.
  5. Brighten your space with paint. One of the easiest ways to perk up your home is to invest in painting the exterior or interior rooms. Get inspiration from magazines or online. Don’t be afraid to add color. If you’re not incredibly adventurous when it comes to color choices but still want a pick-me-up, try going with a warmer versions of the neutrals you already have. Don’t want to paint the entire outside? Paint your front door…you will be surprised what a difference it will make! Inside you could even paint an accent wall a bold, fun color and use that space to showcase some of your favorite art or family portraits for your own personal art gallery.
  6. Clean house. Cleaning isn’t for everyone, but clean houses are: You’ll enjoy your home so much more once you’ve dusted off that layer of wintry grime that has made your home feel stale. If you have an aversion to household chores, hire someone to tackle a seasonal deep-clean for you. Wash windows inside and out to let the light in, clean rugs and carpets. Attending to these chores will leave your home feeling refreshed and get it prepped for the warmer months ahead.
  7. Get rid of clutter. Sell, give away, or donate anything you’re not using found in overflowing closets or from cluttered surfaces. Hire a clean-out service for bigger projects such as a cluttered garage or bulky household items you no longer need.
  8. Fix the small stuff. We all have little things around the house that we’ve been meaning to fix, like a leaking faucet or some cracked grout. Small things that remain neglected can lead to larger more expensive problems. Save time by compiling a list of repairs, then hire a handyman to complete in a single visit.
  9. Lawn Care. A healthy summer lawn starts with spring maintenance. Winter can create conditions friendly to weeds and disease, so it’s crucial that you not neglect spring lawn care, or you could end up paying for it the rest of the year.
  10. Check your Central Heating and Air Conditioning. Preventative maintenance will ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance for your heating and air units. An inspection will avoid a system failure in severe hot or cold weather when you need it most. It can also help save on your energy bill.