It’s that time of year again! Getting your landscape back into shape after the end of the season can be a big job. If you don’t have the time necessary to cleanup your property during the messy autumn months contact any of the service providers listed in LMCN DIRECTORY. These landscaping and lawn care service experts can help you get the job done promptly and efficiently.

Call today to get an estimate and get on the schedule before they’re all booked up!

Here’s  a check-list of some of the services you may need to get your property ready for the next season:

✔️Raking up leaves and composting them
✔️Removing messy annuals
✔️Tackling post-emergent weeds before they drop their seeds
✔️Mulching with leaves / grass clippings
✔️Putting down fertilizer
✔️Trimming perennials, which are a common location for pests such as snails & banana slugs
✔️Clearing away branches, trash, and clutter
✔️Cutting the grass.