On Tuesday, June 27, 2017 members of Lower Merion Community Network (LMCN) gathered for their fifth annual Summer Connection Event at Sontuosa BYOB Restaurant, a new eatery in Bryn Mawr Village. Guests enjoyed a sumptuous menu prepared by Chef/Owner/Visionary Ernesto Guzman. LMCN was founded in 2010 by Belmont Hills resident Karen Ebbert, as a group on Facebook to create a supportive online and real world community that would benefit local businesses and residents. The group has grown to a membership of over 16,000 members, serving as a resource and place to bring out the community in all of us. Bob Coleman, Stacy Harbaugh, Seth Samuel, Jamie Moss and Zack Samuel attended the event.

CLICK HERE to see all the pictures: LMCN members gather for their fifth annual Summer Connection event