Member Testimonials

“Thanks so much for posting our ad on the website. We’ve already seen an uptick in campers! Woo hoo!” ~ Lisa Getz/Director of Communications at Main Line Art Center

“Thank you very much for helping us share information about the Carol H. Axelrod Memorial Blood Drive honoring Captain Matthew LeTourneau, which took place on May 8. Your generosity in including details about the drive, and the #GiveBloodToHonorMatt campaign, in your newsletter was extremely helpful, and very much appreciated! We are thrilled to announce that the #GiveBloodToHonorMatt campaign was a huge success! At our drive in Radnor, we welcomed more than 180 donors and collected 168 units of blood, well above the goal that the Red Cross had set for our drive.

We are so appreciative of your support for this campaign and for our family’s blood drives in general. In helping us honor Matthew LeTourneau, you have followed his example and made a difference in the life of another person! Our family extends our most heartfelt thanks for your generosity and for helping to make the blood drive a success, and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.” ~ Michelle A. Scolnick, Founder/The Carol H. Axelrod Memorial Blood Drive

“I wanted to thank you for posting the flyer for the Bala Library concert this past Sunday. We had a tremendous attendance and I can only imagine that it was in large part due to your eblasts in the March 2016 Lower Merion Community Network Newsletter. Thank you!!” ~ Dr. Gilya Hodos, NCTM

“For me what first comes to mind is the incredible feeling of support and community following hurricane Sandy. And getting to meet so many virtual friends live at the networking event that Karen planned last summer!” ~ Susan Tabor Kleiman 

“I’m new to the area and this group has been an AMAZING resource for me! I only joined a few weeks ago, but already it’s made my life so much easier! Thank you all for your knowledge and information!” ~ Jill Farbman Bronner

“Well Susan Tabor-Kleiman, I met you and you helped me with Linked In, and I got  a tile reference from someone else..this group has provided invaluable resources! Plus I have made some friends, had some laughs and hopefully I’ve helped someone else!” ~ Jamie Moss

“I can’t think of a week that’s gone by that I haven’t learned about good information or resources from this group.” ~ Jamie Singer

“We’re relatively new to the area so it’s been so wonderful to easily get local information and referrals for the best businesses. Thanks to Jamie Moss for telling me about the group!” ~ Kate Bauer

” I got a great colorist and friend from this group.” ~ Rachel Klausman Spiegel

“I love how this group came together to help after Hurricane Sandy and, of course, in helping dear sweet “Pumpkin” the cat find her new home after Michael Lichtman spotted her and started feeding her behind his shop.” ~ Regina Melchiorre

“I have found it a safe space to ask questions to support cultural competence for things like gifts for a bar mitzvah, parenting styles, to dog owner behaviors! The variety of answers informed my perspective and helped me walk in someone else’s shoes. You all have helped me show my kids that it is ok to ask for help and to clarify assumptions before acting.” ~ Joanne Murray

“I think this group is great for bringing out the community in all of us. We’re all out on our front porches communicating and welcoming and being neighborly—like we all were meant to be! I don’t think the full impact of this group is even realized. I’m always directing new friends to join, and they are always so appreciative. And, I am, too! Thank you!” ~ Leslie Swan

“I have met some very nice folks on here and also have am happy that some are now my clients” ~Michael Lichtman

“Karen, you have brought us all together, and I am very grateful. Most grateful for Meditation group, formed through this site, with Lois Mathis, Odellia Goren and Elisabeth Lush-Saadoun. It has been my sanctuary and a bit of protected time for myself each week. Another thought- was so nice to have access to this group during hurricane sandy. I remember watching those bright green lights flashing in the sky and learning it was a transformer. Knowing how many people were still out of power, etc., plus learning of all the people traveling to other areas with cars full of needed merchandise.” ~ Lisa Dabbon Prosnitz

“I love how this group offers local recommendations on services, discussion on local issues – often with very valued differing opinions! – and I have met so many wonderful people I would not have met otherwise. I’ve appreciated the variety of opinions of people who live nearby, but not nearby enough to know personally. I appreciate the opportunity to get to know my neighbors in Lower Merion who live one notch outside of my daily Narberth experience. You are all wonderful people, and I thank you for engaging in a community group so selflessly. Thanks most to Karen (!!) for starting this and a number of other community groups I’ve been conscripted into.” ~ Jim Speer

“I found a great contractor from this group Robert DiGiacomo Builders! What a wonderful job he did for my clients!” ~ Joan Hindin

“Even though I only know a few of you in person, this group is an amazing community. The Hurricane Sandy relief was such an amazing outpouring of support that probably would not have come together so effectively if not for this venue.” ~ Caroline Schaeffer Lewis

“This group is like having 1504 friends to offer wisdom, advice and humor!” ~ Carolmarie Scanlon

“Wonderful Group! A great referral source, got business from it, advertising, marketing, helpful tips, what’s going on in the community…Karen, you Rock!” ~ Jim Bevlock

“I love the information that is provided when something or some issue arises in the community — from school issues to underground explosions in Ardmore! and also the warnings that are posted regarding crime or good things happening within the township. Invaluable!!” ~ Gina Schloss Waserstein

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